DANSAS is an annual symposium on static analysis in Denmark.

The symposium is a one-day event, taking place every August since 2008 in the Odense campus of the University of Southern Denmark.

The long- and short term aims of DANSAS are:

  • to collect the Danish expertise in static analysis,
  • to further strengthen Denmark's profile in the field,
  • to discuss the latest break-throughs, and
  • to further cooperation between the universities in Denmark.


Past events include:

  • DANSAS'16, August 19, 2016, invited speaker: Carsten Fuhs
  • DANSAS'15, August 20, 2015, invited speaker: Welf Löwe
  • DANSAS'14, August 21, 2014, invited speaker: Thomas Jensen
  • DANSAS'13, August 23, 2013, invited speaker: Neil D. Jones
  • DANSAS'12, August 24, 2012, invited speaker: Nikolaj Bjørner
  • DANSAS'11, August 18, 2011, invited speaker: Zhendong Su
  • DANSAS'10, August 19, 2010, invited speaker: Jens Palsberg
  • DANSAS'09, August 20, 2009, invited speaker: Jakob Rehof

DANSAS'12 group picture

Mailing Lists

To contact the organizers please email:

dansas @ lists.imada.sdu.dk

A separate, low-traffice mailing list for announcements regarding static analysis is available at:

dansas-announce @ lists.imada.sdu.dk

To sign up for the latter, please use the web interface: